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At the heart of a cupcake July 21, 2009

Life is sweet and so are my children! So sweet, in fact, that they look out for their mama buying her sweet treats whenever possible. Yesterday, this was proved by the fun presentation of a Cinnamon Buttercream Chocolate cupcake (gluten-free, no less!) with my name on it. They picked it up while site-seeing with a visiting friend (we need to have more company, I think). The light, fluffy buttercream frosting combined with the moist, dark chocolaty cake to make the day for my taste buds. What great girls I have! Let me humbly relay some tips (or nutritional failures) on their upbringing.

I guess it all began early-on when we let Santa leave a trail of candy from outside each daughters’ door to their stockings on Christmas morning, or maybe it was the message sent when we prioritized a stop by Magnolia Bakery on our first family trip to New York City. Somewhere along the way they figured out that the occasional sweet is a treat. If there was any doubt, when my oldest hit the age of 9 her culinary gene kicked in. She asked for a creme brulee torch for Christmas and later took her first job at a bakery. (Guess who gets enlisted for dessert duty when we have a dinner party?) Does that make me a good mother? cupcakes

Oh, I know the evils of sugar and — let me be clear — I am not a sugar addict. In fact, I’ve been accused of being a little too health-concious in my pantry provisions around here. I don’t go much for grocery store candy or the over-priced movie counter collection of snacks. If I’m succumbing to sugar, I want the good stuff! I like an occasional fix of 60% cacao dark chocolate (as in boutique) or a little something at the end of a special meal. Apparently, I’ve raised my kids well — they look out for me on this score.

All that to say, God’s heart must have a cupcake-filled core. Especially when life seems heavy, I think He delights in delighting us in little ways; a child-like joy in bringing joy to His children. And, this day all it took was a cupcake to remind me. Cupcakes make me feel blessed — not in and of themselves but because of the lightness of their being. Especially with all the creative variations out there (I tried a Chocolate Maple Bacon cupcake in Boulder a couple of weeks ago, just for the adventure of it), they are fun.

I venture to say, no one ever took a cupcake too seriously. Whoever made the first cupcake had to be thinking either 1) “well, as long as I have this much batter left over, I might as well put it to good use,” or 2) “I don’t want to make too big a deal about this event so I think I’ll make an itty bitty cake.” Either way, a cupcake is a little taste of blessing…especially in their new, over-the-top translations. Even though cupcakes have become big, hip business — a blend of artistic, epicurean style and sophisticated taste — in my book, they are a recipe for two sweet girls to love-on their mama and a simple gesture of God’s sweet heart.


Want an adventure? Look for sweet things in everyday and share them. Find a great cupcake place where you live and splurge — either on yourself or for someone who needs to know your heart is for them. In Denver try, Lovely Confections, DBar, Happy Cakes (Martha Stewart’s favorite cupcake, the Cosmo, is here), or Big Fat Cupcake. What you will find is an artform — and a little bit of joy for your palate. Straight from heaven! Lighten up and be blessed by sweet little things.


5 Responses to “At the heart of a cupcake”

  1. Annie Smith Says:

    Dearest Amytha (your Indian name),
    Bacon? In a cupcake? Hmmm…maybe we could make a California version of that, say chocolate with echinacea filling and tofu frosting (fully vegan, of course!)
    Anyway, loved the blog…and you ❤

    • Amy Pierson Says:

      OK. So what does echinacea taste like? — cause we all know that tofu tastes like whatever you add to it. I think combining healthy anything with a cupcake is counter-intuitive and, frankly, just plain wrong. Lucky for me I realize you couldn’t possibly be serious or I may get a little bit of that throw-up taste at the back of my throat. (Love you, too)

  2. Annie Smith Says:

    Echinacea tastes likes weeds (not weed…not that I would know!)
    I made cupcakes for my son’s girlfriend’s birthday this weekend…and one GIANT cupcakie just for her with the candles…but no bacon…

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