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Nothing is really something July 31, 2009

statue_of_liberty needle artNeedle-eye sculpture


My friend, Ellen, sent me this link. Talk about individual creativity!

Abraham was promised his descendants would number more than every one in the sea… (Genesis 32:12)

God’s precious thoughts toward each of us outnumber them… (Psalm 139:17-18)

…and this incredibly focused artist, Willard Wigan, sculpts them. Get this: We’re talking about grains of sand!


Follow the link above (the one under the picture) and watch the ABC News story of what this talented man has taught himself to do. It is incredible. It is painstaking. And, it is worth a LOT of money because of its uniqueness. (Did you hear the part about painting with a hair plucked from the back of a housefly?) Recounting how he started doing this form of sculpture, Wigan explains how his teachers made him “feel small…like nothing,” so his goal became to prove “that nothing doesn’t exist”.

In watching this footage a few thoughts gnawed at me:

  • How inestimably precious each of us is to God — our Creator. 
  • It is hard to get my brain around Willard’s work let alone God’s! He shapes us on an even more intricate, quantum level — involving body, spirit and experience).
  • How painstakingly He designed every detail of my form and experience. (Rarely do I consider what God is going through as I struggle to be His vision of who he created me to be.)
  • The driving force behind Willard Wigan seems to be a woundedness yet — by sharing from this place — his wounds have created great earthly gain.

I pray Mr. Wigans has embraced his extraordinary value and purpose in the eyes and at the hands of his Creator. What an amazing gift!


Want an adventure? Read Psalm 139:14-18. Meditate on God’s perfect plan in your unique design. Looking at your life, how do you notice Him gently scraping and sculpting you? Dwell on the Truth that you are precious, prized and loved with purpose. Bask in that today. You are really something!




Getting the message May 26, 2009

“All great happenings, great and small, are parables whereby God speaks, the art of life is to get the message.”


~ Malcolm Muggeridge, British journalist


Want an adventure? Think about your day. What parables did you live? How did God speak to you today in great and small ways?


More Proof: Everything I need to know I learned in Kindergarten May 7, 2009

It totally makes sense that the Creator likes the creative, don’t you think? So why haven’t we been taught such a simple creative tool as Crayolas (crayons or markers) can expand and express deep things of God? It seems so obvious! For years, my most rewarding experiences painting have flowed from some deep meaning God has given me for the image on the canvas. I also remember a roommate in college who used to constantly doodle on the cover of our phone book. It never occurred to me to look for deeper meaning in her impromptu art. But, oh, what I may have learned if it had !  When it comes to connecting with God this way, it is less about the quality of the “art” and more about getting whatever is in my heart down on paper. one-person-prayer4prayingincolor3

If like me you struggle to stay prayerfully focused somedays, you’ll enjoy the practical power of a book someone told me about: Praying in Color by Sybil MacBeth. In her book, MacBeth opens up this new dimension of prayer — exploring how we can integrate drawing, doodling, scribbling– whatever you want to call it — into our conversations with God. No excuses, either, Sybil MacBeth is a math teacher, not an artist (she said it, I didn’t). If she can do it, we can do it. Imagine the color this will bring to your prayer life and your journal!

This is SO fun — it feels like I’ve been given “Divine permission” to play on paper. Yet, it goes much deeper than play. It is important spiritual work. On those days when my attention span is being constantly tugged at, this practice centers me on something real and weighty. Trying this, I’ve found it to be equal parts stream-of-consciousness: entreaty: meditation: praise: silence in God’s presence — all equalling a rich encounter with the Holy Spirit. It allows me to “work out” with line, color, and image (sometimes even words) whatever is needed in order to put my prayer in God’s scrapbook of needs.

        I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it ~ Mark 10:15


Want an adventure?  The grown-up thing is so over-rated 🙂 Let your heart out of the crayon box. Using crayons (or pens, colored pencils, markers — whatever you like) create a prayer! It can be about a person(s), a need, a Scripture. Take some time. Don’t stop until you feel the “amen” rise from within. If God has  a refrigerator in heaven, no doubt it is covered with kids’ art. Let’s add to His collection.